A variety of colors (formulas) are available as eyebrow, eyeliner and lip-liner upon customer's request.
Wooden Pencils
Since direct filling is possible to this type of pencil, variety of formulas are wider and broader than wooden pencils.
Plastic Pencils
Propel-repel pencil (non refillable) with/without applicator is low cost.
Mechanical Pencils
Refillable mechanical pencils with holders available in metal or plastic finish. Double-end and 3-in-1 models includes powder and applicator options.
Mechanical Pencils (Refillable)
Automatic liquid eyeliner available with felt tip, fine brush and fork shape applicators. Direct fill cartridge can be used for double end. Liquid eyebrow is available as well.
Liquid Eyeliner
Fillable with various formulas of Mascara, W/O, O/W and Oil wax and available with several types of brush variations.
Bulk comes out automatically with clockwise motion and "Click" sound. Available applicators include brush, silicone tip, flocked tip, and more - chosen according to formula and purpose. Contents: 4.0ml, 9.0ml
Dial Pens
Formula such as liquid eyeliner, lip gloss, concealer, etc. can be filled in bottle components.
Lipsticks available in straight bullet and designed bullet with both mold filling and direct filling methods.
Stick components can be filled directly and by mold bullet according to component style.
Compact cases are designed for powder foundation (one way, two way) and pressed powder. Wet and dry methods are available for formulas and filling technology for eye color and blusher are widely offered.
Foundation Compacts
Mobility and portability combined with colorful contents aimed for multiple functions. A variety of metal pan sizes and pressing tools available.
Multicolor Compacts
Mobile and portable size eye/cheek palette is trendy for the attraction of color variety and easy usage.
Card Compacts are convenient and portable, suitable for sales promotion or product samples. 10 shades can be filled at once in the card.
Card Compacts
Jar Container is simply the best for loose powder.
Loose Powder
Jar containers available in different sizes and offered for cream/gel type or powder products.
Fluid, semi-solid, creamy products such as lip gloss, liquid foundation are suitable to get filled in this squeeze type tube bottle.
Squeeze Tubes
Essential skin care items such as skin lotion, emulsion, moisture day/ night cream, cleansing are available. Our highly trusted color cosmetics technology expands to skin care range.
Skincare Bottles